make me choose: rick/kieren or alec/magnus (for raisesomehale)

"Kieren looks at Rick. At his outstreched hand. He’s stunned by Rick’s response. He was expecting… what? fireworks? a passionate embrace? Maybe not, not here, but certainly he wasn’t expecting and ‘alright mate’ and a bloody handshake. He takes Ricks hand none the less.”

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i just started season 3 of teen wolf, can you tell me in which epsiode Stiles realize that he is gay? Anonymous


season 1 episode 1

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Sterek Week // Saturday: Texture Me Sterek

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the fact that there have been no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

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only true 90s kids remember what it was like when stiles and derek had canon scenes together

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Prompt from Anon: Stiles brushing Wolf!Derek’s pelt and putting a ribbon on him. *♥_♥* 

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Dylan on Derek/Stiles. (x)

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True story.

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why is this so hard for people to understand

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Let me love you…

For SterekWeek’s TextureMeSterek challenge… I had fun. I forget all the time how much I enjoy making things like this. If I had better access to caps and time to sift through things, I’d have so much fun.

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it must be really wild to actually have a positive relationship with your father



some people really have that????

that’s insane

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teen wolf aka let’s forget season 3 and 4 ever happened and they are just taking a really long break after season 2

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Mult-Fandom but at the moment mostly Sterek/Teen Wolf/Tyler Hoechlin/BtVS


I tag 99% of things but let me know if there is a tag you have blacklisted that I should add.