Sterek AU Derek overhears Scott and Stiles talking about a guy Stiles likes and gets a little competitive. Little does he know the guy is him. 

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#teen wolf #sterek #eternalsterek #operation positivity #stiles stilinski #derek hale #scott mccall #sterekstuff #again definitely not comparing them to biley #just another cute quote #screencaps from #someone stop me #there were loads of great scott reaction pics for this but i wasn't sure whether to add them or not #i would totally read this fic btw #like derek keeps trying to one-up this fictional guy that he keeps hearing stiles talking about #and eventually stiles and/or scott figure it out #and just start messing with him #'oh yeah he can bench press a school bus' #'i asked him to get me some candy and he brought me twelve cupcakes that he'd made himself #'i said i wanted to see a movie and he rented out the whole place' #but then of course stiles feels super bad about it #because he sees that derek isn't just trying to out-do the guy for any old reason #but because he actually likes stiles #but then derek finds out they were messing with him #and decides never to be seen again #and stiles has to make amends with a huge gesture #and kisses
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slightly better than untitled
Mult-Fandom but at the moment mostly Sterek/Teen Wolf/Tyler Hoechlin.

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